Westlake, Ohio Contractor License Bond

Who Requires a Westlake Contractor Bond?

Contractors who operate in Westlake, Ohio are required to obtain a contractor license bond as part of the licensing process. This requirement applies to the following classes of contractors: 

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Hydronic
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • Refrigeration

 All contractor license/registration bond amounts are set at $10,000.

What is a Westlake Contractor Bond?

A Westlake contractor bond provides a guarantee to the Westlake general public that the contractor will fulfill their obligations and will comply with applicable laws and regulations. If a contractor fails to complete a project or violates any laws stipulated in the Westlake Code of Ordinances, a customer can file a claim against the bond to seek compensation for any financial losses. To put it simply, the bond acts as a financial protection for customers and the public in the city of Westlake.

Additionally, the Ohio Revised Code mandates that contractors obtain a contractor license bond as a condition for obtaining and maintaining a contractor’s license.

To learn more about contract bonds, you can refer to our “What is a bonded contractor” article for more information.

How is a Contractor Bond priced?

A bond is priced based on the volume of claims for that bond each year by insurance companies. We work with various insurance companies, so we can get the best price.

How to Get a Westlake Contractor Bond?

SuretyNow offers a Westlake contractor license bond for $90 for a 1 year term. Discounts are available if you are looking to purchase for a longer term. See our pricing table below for multi-year pricing. 

The Westlake contractor license bond can be issued instantly without credit/background checks. After purchase, we will mail a copy of the bond to you and you will need to submit the copy of the bond along with your license application to the city of Westlake. 

Bond Term Bond Cost
1 Year $113
2 Years $198
3 Years $283


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How To Get a Contractor License in Westlake, Ohio

To become a licensed contractor in Westlake, the following must be presented in order to secure a contractor registration:

  1. A completed Contractor Registration Application
  1. A surety bond in the amount of $10,000
  1. Certification of Liability insurance ($300,000 minimum), City of Westlake as certificate holder
  1. Copy of State of Ohio Worker’s Compensation Certification if applicable
  1. $100 Each Trade/registration (Do not send cash)
  1. Self addressed stamped envelope when applying through the mail

Applications may be submitted by mail or in person to: 

City of Westlake Building Department
27700 Hilliard Blvd.
Westlake, Ohio 44145

Note that a separate registration will be required for each type of work indicated on the application. One bond and insurance certification may be used for multiple registrations as long as it indicates that on said bond and insurance certificate. 

All heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors, refrigeration contractors, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors and hydronics contractors will need to provide the Building Department with copies of their licenses from the State of Ohio. Contractors engaging in fire protection work will need to provide copies of their certificate from the State Fire Marshall's Office

Additional information about applications relating to permits and contractors in Westlake can be found online.