Mahoning County Contractor License Bond

Who Requires a Mahoning County Contractor Bond?

Mahoning County, Ohio requires certain classifications of contractors to obtain a contractor license as part of the licensing process. The certain classifications are:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Building contractors
  • HVAC contractors
  • Hydronics and Refrigeration contractors

 All contractor license/registration bond amounts are set at $10,000. 

What is a Mahoning County Contractor Bond?

A Mahoning County contractor bond provides a guarantee to the general public that the contractor will fulfill their obligations and will comply with applicable laws and regulations. If a contractor fails to complete a project or violates any laws stipulated in the Mahoning County Code of Ordinances, a customer can file a claim against the bond to seek compensation for any financial losses. To put it simply, the bond acts as a financial protection for customers and the public in Mahoning County. 

Additionally, the Ohio Revised Code mandates that contractors obtain a contractor license bond as a condition for obtaining and maintaining a contractor’s license. 

To learn more about contract bonds,  you can refer to our “What is a Bonded Contractor” article for more information

How to get a Mahoning County Contractor Bond

SuretyNow offers Mahoning County contractor license bond for $90 for a 1 year term. Discounts are available if you are looking to purchase for a longer term. See our pricing table below for multi-year pricing. 

The Mahoning County contractor license bond can be issued instantly without credit/background checks. After purchase, we will mail a copy of the bond to you and you will need to submit the copy of the bond along with your license application to Mahoning County. 

Bond Term Bond Cost
1 Year $90
2 Years $158
3 Years $225


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How To Get a Contractor License Bond in Mahoning County, Ohio

To become a licensed commercial contractor in Mahoning County, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, be a U.S  citizen, and have a valid State of Ohio Commercial license. Then, the  following must be presented in order to secure a contractor registration:

  1. Copy of current state of Ohio Contractor Specialty Trade License that’s registered only in Mahoning County
  1. A surety bond in the amount of $10,000, made out to Mahoning County Building
  1. A Certificate of Liability Insurance listing Mahoning County as a certificate holder, with the limits of liability no less than $300,000 for damages to a single person, and $500,000 for one occurrence.
  1. Your tax identification number
  1. Your workers’ compensation identification number (if more than one employee in your business)
  1. Registration fee of $100 for year 2023

To obtain a residential license please call the office for the licensing information at 330-270-2894. Additional information about applications can be found on the Mahoning County website.  Also, more information about Mahoning County Building Regulations can be found online.

Applications are be submitted to:

Building Inspection Department 

Room 201, 50 Westchester Dr

Youngstown, Ohio 44515