You Need an Auto Dealer Bond in Montana

In Montana, all used/new vehicle dealers are required to obtain a $50,000 motor vehicle dealer bond as required by the Montana Motor Vehicles Division. This is outlined in the Montana Code Annotated, Title 61, Chapter 4, Part 1. The requirement applies to all types of auto dealers, which includes new, used, wholesale, auction and brokers dealers. We have lots of experience helping dealers get the right bond in Montana. Just fill out our quick form, which only takes three minutes, and we'll provide a quote right away.

Please note this page is for car dealer licensing. If you're trying to register a vehicle with a missing title, a separate Lost Title Bond is required.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Bond Amount: $50,000

Required By: The Montana Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)

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State Acceptance Guarantee
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Refund within 30 days
1 Year Bond Starts At
*Based on credit and experience

How much does it cost?

Our rates for the $50,000 Montana auto dealer bond starts at $250 for a 1 year bond. This prices is mostly based on the applicant’s credit score. Generally speaking, a higher credit score will equate to lower prices. In some cases, a dealer’s previous work experience can result in a discount for bond prices in Montana.

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Montana Auto Dealer Bond Common FAQs

Are there other vehicle bonds in Montana?

Yes, there are two other types of bonds related to vehicle sales in the state of Montana. They only apply to specialized vehicle dealers and we’ve listed them below:

  • Motorcycle or Quadricycle Dealer Bond: Dealers who sell motorcycles or quadricycles are required to obtain a $15,000 bond. Our prices for this bond starts at $100 for a 1 year term
  • Boats, Snowmobiles, Off-Highway Vehicle Dealer Bond: Dealers who sell boats, snowmobiles or off-highway vehicles (AKA off-road vehicles) are required to obtain a $5,000 bond. Our prices for this bond also start at $100 for a 1 year term

You can select the specific bond you need in the “Specific Bond” dropdown of our auto dealer bond quote flow.

Is a credit check needed for this bond?

To get a quote for a Montana auto dealer bond, a SSN based credit check is necessary, but it won't affect your credit score. Insurance companies use a "soft" credit check to verify your eligibility and set the bond price. This type of credit check doesn't harm your credit score.

How long does it take to get bonded?

We work hard to make sure our customers receive their bond quickly. In most cases, we can provide the bond on the same day. Our usual turnaround time is 2 hours, unless there are issues with credit scores or bond claim history. We work every day from Monday to Saturday, with reduced hours on Sundays. If you request your bond before 4pm CST, we can usually provide it to you by the end of the day.

Does the bond expire?

If you choose a 1-year term for your bond, it will expire after one year from the start date, and you'll need to renew it before that date to keep your license. But don't worry, if you bond with us, we'll handle the renewals so you can focus on your business. During renewal, we'll even let you know if we find a better price during the renewal process.

What if I have poor credit?

Certain insurance companies consider credit scores under 650 as "poor" credit. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible to be bonded. We partner with insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage to this market segment. If your credit score is not ideal, inform us and we'll help you secure a bond by searching through our network of specialized carriers. Our team has successfully assisted many people with less than perfect credit in obtaining Montana auto dealer bonds.

How can I avoid claims against my bond?

To avoid bond claims, it's crucial to adhere to the guidelines established by the state of Montana. This entails conducting your auto dealer business with honesty and transparency, and putting your customers' best interests first. Specifically, you must ensure that you correctly pay all fees and taxes associated with vehicle sales, and provide valid car titles to your customers. By doing so, you can minimize the risk of having claims against your bond.

How to prove that I’m bonded?

Upon approval of your bond, we will send you a PDF copy via email to serve as proof of your bonding. Additionally, we keep copies of the bond on file in case the original is lost. If you need another copy, simply contact us and we'll be happy to provide one for you. With our convenient and reliable service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bond is always accessible and readily available when you need it.