Immigration Consultant Bond

An Immigration consultant bond is a bond that is obtained by an immigration consultant to protect their clients from financial harm. It is a bond required by many states for individuals who are in the process of becoming certified Immigration Consultants, and it protects the general public against unethical and fraudulent behavior by an immigration consultant and creates an incentive against corruption. When an Immigration Consultant causes financial harm to a client, they can file a claim against the individual and be compensated. The bond ensures state requirements are met to protect those in the visa and immigration process. Each state has its different requirements to become an immigration consultant, so it is important to research the legal requirements in the state you intend on working in.

Immigration Consultant Bond Form
Immigration Consultant Bond Form

How Much Does an Immigration Consultant Bond Cost? 

The cost of an immigration consultant bond usually ranges from $5,000 to $100,000, mainly based on state requirements. For example, the State of California requires a $100,000 bond to meet state requirements, while the State of Georgia only requires $5,000. 

When it comes to the premium, factors such as credit and the Principal's financials will go into determining the annual premium of the bond. Annual premiums could range from 1-6%, depending on the principal's personal credit history. SuretyNow works with multiple insurance companies to get you a competitive price.


Immigration Consultant Bond FAQs

What amount of coverage do I need for an Immigration Consultant bond?

Depending on the state, there are different legal requirements for each state bond amount. For example, Utah and New York require a $50,000 bond to comply with regulations. 

What is an Immigration Consultant? 

Immigration Consultants help advise clients on legal rights with citizen law in the visa and immigration processes. Immigration Consultants are not always lawyers and can only assist on non-legal matters to not constitute an unauthorized practice of law. 

Do Immigration Consultant Bonds need to be renewed?

Yes, to be certified by states, an Immigration Consultant must annually renew the bond for however long they intend to remain in the Immigration Consultant Industry. 

How do you obtain an Immigration Consultant License?

An individual seeking an Immigration Consultant Bond will need to go through the US Department of Labor and register with them. Additionally, an individual would need to pass a licensing exam. Additional requirements include passing a background check, registering with an immigrant consultant association, taking a basic skills course, and obtaining an immigration consultant bond.

Who requires an Immigration Consultant Bond?

Several states require an Immigration Consultant Bond, including California, Georgia, New York, Utah, and Pennsylvania. These states require immigration consultants to obtain bonds to be certified. Each state has slightly different requirements and bond amounts in their legal process, so it is important to research your state’s legal requirements. 

How do claims work on an Immigration Consultant Bond?

If someone thinks a consultant caused them financial harm, they can file a claim against the bond. The surety company investigates the claim and, if valid, pays up to the bond's limit. The advisor must then repay the surety company, including any legal costs.

What are the benefits of having an Immigration Consultant Bond?

There are many benefits to having an investment advisor bond, including fostering transparency and trust between the client and the consultant. Additionally, it creates more credibility for the Immigration Consultant/Firm in the industry. Lastly, it is a legal compliance in multiple states, so obtaining a bond would aid in receiving a certification and complying legally.