California Contractor Bid Opportunity List

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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What is a bid opportunity for contractors?

How does bidding work?

Where do I find bid opportunity lists?

California State Opportunities

Bid Opportunities in Norcal

Bid Opportunities in Bay Area

Bid Opportunities in Central California

Bid Opportunities in Southern California

What is a bid opportunity for contractors?

Contractor bid opportunities refer to the invitations sent by government agencies, organizations, or businesses to contractors, inviting them to submit proposals for a specific project or service. These opportunities typically include construction projects, infrastructure development, maintenance work, renovations, or any work requiring the expertise of contractors.

These opportunities exist to promote fairness, competition, and transparency in selecting contractors. By opening the bidding process to multiple contractors, the entity seeking the services can evaluate competitive bids and select the most qualified and cost-effective contractor for their project.

How does bidding work?

The contractor bidding process involves several steps:

  1. Request for Proposal (RFP): The entity seeking contractors will issue an RFP, which outlines project details, requirements, specifications, timelines, and evaluation criteria.
  2. Contractor interest: Contractors review the RFPs and determine their interest and capacity to undertake the project.
  3. Proposal preparation: Contractors interested in bidding on the project prepare their proposals, including cost estimates, work plans, qualifications, experience, and any additional information required by the RFP.
  4. Bid submission: Contractors submit their proposals to the entity issuing the bid opportunity within the specified deadline.
  5. Evaluation and selection: The entity evaluates the received proposals based on the predetermined evaluation criteria, including cost, qualifications, experience, and adherence to specifications. The selected contractor wins the contract.

Where do I find bid opportunity lists?

While this article will list a few resources for finding bid opportunities online, it is essential to understand that these listings may only cover some cities or areas. Suppose you’re looking for bid opportunities in a city not included in the links in the next section. In that case, you can also seek out these resources online using the following resources. Different areas may have local government websites, specific online platforms, or unique portals for bid postings. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct broader online research by searching for specific cities or regions of interest.

Government Websites

An excellent resource for bid opportunities is government websites at the local, state, and federal levels. These websites often have dedicated sections for posting bids and procurement opportunities. Start by checking the official government website of the city, county, or state you are interested in working in.

Online Procurement Platforms

Several online platforms act as intermediaries between contractors and organizations seeking bids. Some popular platforms include BidNet, BidSync, and GovWin. These platforms aggregate bid opportunities from various government agencies and private organizations, making it easy for contractors to find relevant opportunities.

Business Portals

Many cities or counties have dedicated business portals or economic development websites. These portals often include sections for bid postings and procurement opportunities. Explore these portals to find bid opportunities tailored for contractors in specific areas.

Construction Associations

Regional or national construction associations can be excellent resources for finding bid opportunities. These associations often maintain directories and databases of current projects that members can access. Examples include the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). Consider joining relevant associations and utilizing their resources to expand your bid opportunities.


Building a solid network within the construction industry can yield valuable insider information about bid opportunities. Attend industry conferences, join professional organizations, and connect with other contractors, suppliers, and project owners. Engaging in discussions and sharing information with your network may uncover hidden opportunities in regions not covered by the abovementioned resources.

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California State Opportunities

Several online platforms provide listings of contractor bid opportunities in California. Here are some commonly used websites:

  1. California State Contracts Register
  2. California Department of General Services
  3. California Bids 
  4. California Contracts Online: Enter “7760” in the “Department” field

Additionally, regional or local entities might have their websites or portals where they list bid opportunities. Checking county, city, or local government websites can provide more specific opportunities for the desired regions in California, such as Norcal, Bay Area, Central California, and SoCal.

Bid Opportunities in Norcal

Lake County

Lake County Bid Postings


City of Sacramento Bids - Bid Opportunities

City of Sacramento Bids - Contracting Opportunities

County of Sacramento Bids

EBidBoard Sacramento

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Sacramento County Business Opportunities


City of Stockton Bid Flash

San Joaquin County Bids

Bid Opportunities in Bay Area

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County Bid Opportunities 

County of Santa Clara Facilities and Fleet Department 


City of Concord Bid Opportunities


East Bay Municipal Utility District Construction Bids

Port of Oakland Bids/RFPs/RFQs/Permits

East Bay Regional Park District Bids

Alameda County General Services Agency Bids

Oakland University Bid Opportunities

San Francisco

San Francisco Unified School District Bids

San Francisco Public Works Bids

San Francisco Water Power Sewer Bid List

SF Port Business Opportunities

San Francisco Planning Bids

Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportion District Contracts

City of South San Francisco Bids

University of California San Francisco Contracts

Bay Area Rapid Transportation (BART) Bids

Cahill Subcontractor Opportunities

SFO Construction Opportunities

San Jose

San Jose Bid Opportunities

San Jose Procurement

Ciyt of San Jose Biddingo List

San Jose Evergreen Community College District Bids 

San Jose State University Bidding 

SJSU Bid Opportunities 

Bid Opportunities in Central California

Colusa County

Colusa County Bids


Kern County

Bid Opportunities in Southern California

Orange County

Orange County Open Bids

Orange County Open Bids

John Wayne Airport Orange County Bids


Anaheim Bids and Requests for Proposals 

City of Anaheim Bids 

Anaheim Elementary School District 


City of Cerritos Bid Opportunities

Chula Vista

Chula Vista Bids

Chula Vista Elementary School District Bids

Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles Construction Bids

LA Department of Recreation and Parks Bids

LA County Public Works Contract Opportunities

Los Angeles World Airports Opportunities

Awarded Contracts - General Services Agency - Alameda County

Los Angeles County Solicitations

National City

National City Contract Bid Opportunities

Orange City

City of Orange Bids and Proposals


Riverside EDA Bid Proposals

San Diego

City of San Diego Bid and Contracting Opportunities

San Diego Airport Contracting Opportunities

San Diego State University Bids

SANDAG Contract Opportunities

Santa Ana

Rancho Santiago Community College District