District of Columbia Auto Dealer Bond 

As the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is filled with history. There are few places in the nation that have witnessed as many important moments in American history as the District of Columbia.

The Code of the District of Columbia § 50–603 (a)  requires that anyone who is engaged in the business of buying and selling motor vehicles to post a bond in order to obtain their auto dealer license. 


  • Who Needs It: all businesses engaged in the business of buying and selling vehicles, including both new and used dealers
  • Bond Amount: $25,000
  • Price: starts at $250, subject to the main applicant’s credit score 

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Sample Payment and Performance Bond Form
DC Auto Dealer Bond Form
Auto Dealer Bond

Bond Term: 2 years

Obligee: Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

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Refund within 5 days if not satisfactory
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District of Columbia Auto Dealer Bond FAQs

Why is the Bond Required? 

The Code of the District of Columbia § 50–603 (a)(1) states, the bond is used to protect the public against financial loss due to failure of the bonded dealer or officer of the dealer to adhere to the laws and regulations by the District of Columbia. If the licensed dealer violates the laws of the District of Columbia, then a claim can be filed to compensate the public for damages

Who Requires the Bond?

Different from other states where the Obligee for the bond is the state department of motor vehicles, the District of Columbia Auto Dealer Bond is established and required by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Their address and contact information is listed below: 

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs 
941 N Capitol Street, NE 
Washington, DC 20002 

Phone: 202-737-4404 

Can I Buy a DC Bond for a One-Year Term? 

No, the DC motor vehicle dealer bond is a two-year bond because it needs to cover the two year licensing terms. The best part of this bond is that the quote we provide you is for two years so your annual cost is much lower. 

What Information Needs to Be Provided On the Bond? 

  • Name of dealership
  • Names of owners, partners and officers of the dealership
  • License Year
  • Witness Signature 

How to Submit the Bond? 

Once you purchased the bond from us, we will deliver the original bond to you, which you can use to submit through the My DC Business Center. You will need to create an account in order to use My DC Business Center. 

How to Obtain District of Columbia Auto Dealer License? 

  • Pay the $556.60 Fee
  • Blank Preprinted Sample Sets of the Car Order and Bill of Sale with the company’s brand information 
  • Certificate of Occupancy for the dealer location
  • Certified Letter of Authorization
  • Certificate of Good Standing for your dealership  
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
  • Criminal History Report 
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