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Dealer Bonds are Required in Arizona

If you sell more than 7 vehicles in one year in the state of Arizona, then you are required to be licensed as an auto dealer by the Arizona Department of Transportation. As part of the licensing process, both new and used auto dealers are required to obtain a $100,000 motor vehicle dealer bond. We’re quite familiar with the process and have helped hundreds of dealers in Arizona with their bonding needs. Get started with a quote below. It takes three minutes.

Please note this page is for car dealer licensing. If you're trying to register a vehicle with a missing title, a separate Lost Title Bond is required.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Bond Amount: $100,000

Required By: Arizona Department of Transportation

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State Acceptance Guarantee
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Refund within 30 days
1 year bond starts at:
*Based on credit and experience
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State acceptance guarantee
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Refund within 30 days
*Based on credit and experience
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How much is it?

Our starting price for a 1 year Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer bond is $650. The price is mostly determined by the applicant’s credit score. Generally speaking, the higher the credit score, the better the price.


Arizona Auto Dealer Bond FAQ

Are there other types of dealer bonds that I should be aware of in Arizona?

For used and new car dealers, the Motor Vehicle Dealer bond listed above is sufficient.

There is a separate $20,000 bond for licensed wholesale dealers, brokers, or wholesale auction dealers. Wholesale-only operations can sell vehicles solely to licensed motor vehicle dealers, while brokers are only permitted to collect fees or commissions to aid in the sale of vehicles.

Our pricing for the $20,000 bond begins at $150 per year. Prices may vary depending on the personal credit of the dealership or brokerage owner.

Is a credit check necessary for this bond?

Yes, insurance companies will perform a "soft credit check" to assess eligibility and pricing for Tennessee auto dealer bonds. It's important to note that this type of credit check won't have any negative impact on the applicant's credit score.

What if I have poor credit?

Credit scores under 650 are sometimes classified as "poor" credit. We have partnerships with insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage to this market segment. If you have less than ideal credit, please contact us without hesitation. We'll assist you in getting bonded by searching on your behalf. Our team has helped many individuals with imperfect credit obtain Arizona auto dealer bonds.

Is there another name for this bond?

Yes. This is officially known as a “Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond”, but sometimes this is also called an “auto dealer bond”. Both can be used interchangeably.

How long does it take to get bonded?

In most cases, we can get you bonded on the same day. Once we receive a quote from our insurance partners, the process is almost instantaneous. We work tirelessly, including weekends, to expedite your bonding process. Our phone lines are open every day from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm CST, and if we miss your call, we'll try our best to return it within 30 minutes.

How can I avoid claims against my bond?

To avoid potential claims against your bond, it's crucial to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Arizona Department of Transportation dealer code when running your auto dealer business. This involves paying the appropriate fees and taxes related to vehicle sales and providing valid titles to your customers. By submitting your bond, you confirm that you'll provide genuine vehicles and fulfill all legal requirements associated with operating an auto dealer business.